This Week In Health: Cheat Death, Lose Weight, Do Pilates

A full evening of sleep rejuvenates you in a manner that even the world’s strongest cup of espresso by no means may.

In a latest deep dive for TIME, we discovered that sleep additionally helps you age extra slowly. Mounting proof means that the advantages introduced on by sufficient sleep—together with eased-up ranges of irritation—are spectacular sufficient to assist metal the physique in opposition to the growing old course of.

Right here’s what else grabbed our consideration in well being this week.

Most individuals acquire weight again after dropping it. However this trick, involving cellphone calls and a little bit of reflection, can actually assist.

Listed here are 5 methods Silicon Valley is making an attempt to hack its approach to a a lot (a lot, a lot) longer life.

The price of a essential antidote, naloxone, is hovering. That’s partly due to drug-industry consolidation and a prolonged FDA-approval course of, however these aren’t the one issues.

With the assistance of new proof, scientists are shedding gentle on the mysterious mind-body connection. Bodily issues appear to be intently linked to what occurs within the mind.

The train seems to be deceptively straightforward. However Pilates is a thoughts and physique exercise with distinctive advantages in your abs.

Learn on to be taught the healthiest approach to do laundry. (A warning to germaphobes: this story will get graphic.)

From consuming monkey brains to consuming blood, man has tried some gnarly methods to increase life. Listed here are 24 cures our species has tried by way of the ages.

Saturated fats is commonly maligned, however not all fats is created equal. This scrumptious sort of fats really appears to assist shield in opposition to sort 2 diabetes.