The 1 Yoga Pose I Do That Strengthens My Core Like Nothing Else

When you consider core-carving yoga poses, Boat, Crow, and Planks in all probability come to thoughts, however I’ve found one pose that fires up my core so intensely, it hurts to giggle the following day.

Whereas Headstand is supposed to problem your sense of stability and in addition work your higher physique, holding your physique the other way up requires an amazing quantity of core power, particularly if you happen to transfer your legs in area. Strive these variations the following time you are the other way up and see how shortly the ab burn comes on. I do these no less than 3 times every week:

  • Decrease your knees midway and maintain.
  • Decrease your knees as near your face as attainable, then elevate them again as much as Headstand.
  • Take your legs out extensive in a straddle and maintain.
  • Whereas in straddle, decrease your toes as near the ground as you possibly can (contact if you happen to can), then elevate them again as much as a straddle.
  • Make giant, sluggish circles together with your legs by taking them out extensive, bringing them collectively simply above the ground, elevating them into Headstand, after which maintain going. You’ll want to reverse the course of your circles for much more of a problem.
  • Decrease your straight legs midway and maintain.
  • Decrease your straight legs as shut as you possibly can to the ground (contact if you happen to can), then elevate them as much as Headstand.
  • Bend your knees and slowly twist them backward and forward.