Protect Yourself Against Zika And Lyme Disease This Summer

Because the climate warms up, you and your loved ones will most likely be spending extra time having fun with the good outside. In any case, the summer season brings extra alternatives so that you can camp, hike, swim, and bike. Earlier than going exterior, although, be sure you defend your self from each the Zika virus and Lyme illness this summer season.

The Zika Virus

Though there haven’t been ongoing outbreaks of Zika not too long ago, it’s best to nonetheless take precautions towards it. This virus is unfold simply by way of contaminated mosquitoes, and a few individuals don’t understand its results for months. Through the summer season months, the mosquitoes can breed and multiply rapidly, rising the possibilities of spreading illness.

Latest Information

Based on current analysis, the CDC has additionally linked the Zika virus to a rise in delivery defects, particularly microcephaly. In truth, delivery defects have been 20 occasions extra possible in pregnant ladies who had contracted the virus. For those who’re pregnant and residing in affected areas, you’ll must take further precautions.

The place Is It?

Since Zika spreads by way of mosquitoes, areas which have excessive humidity and hotter temperatures are essentially the most at-risk. The US has seen the virus primarily in Florida and Texas. Particularly in case you’re pregnant, it’s best to keep away from touring to those areas, particularly to Miami and Brownsville.

Therapy and Prevention

Based on the World Well being Group, these contaminated with Zika will want loads of relaxation and fluids. Since there aren’t any therapies or vaccines for the virus, sufferers merely should deal with the signs and relieve ache.

Alternatively, you may stop from getting the virus. Put on gentle clothes that covers a lot of your pores and skin and use insect repellant in the course of the summer season months. You also needs to maintain doorways closed or use window screens to maintain mosquitoes out of your property.

Zika can be transmitted sexually. In high-risk areas, it’s best to take care to make use of contraceptives and ask for medical counsel when selecting whether or not to get pregnant.

Lyme Illness

Throughout summer season months, you and your loved ones have a higher danger of getting Lyme illness as a result of it’s transmitted by way of small ticks. Usually, an individual who has contracted the illness can have fever, fatigue, and a rash, amongst different flu-like signs.

Latest Information

Final 12 months, the CDC reported a brand new species of micro organism that causes Lyme illness. Up till then, researchers solely acknowledged one micro organism species that carried the illness. Whereas the brand new species causes many of the identical signs because the outdated one, it additionally provides nausea and vomiting to the record. On the identical time, it produces a rash that spreads out extra somewhat than resembling a bullseye.  

In 2017, professionals anticipate instances of Lyme illness to rise, partially due to a rise in disease-carrying mice. This projection requires heightened consciousness about the issue within the US.

The place Is It?

Most instances of Lyme illness come from states within the Northeast and Midwest. These states embody Maine, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, though this record shouldn’t be complete. You’ll want to examine for the chance in your space and observe prevention tips set forth by the CDC.

Therapy and Prevention

To forestall from getting Lyme illness, it’s best to take care to maintain ticks off you and your pets. First, apply insect repellant with DEET earlier than going exterior. Then, keep away from areas the place ticks are prone to dwell, resembling in tall grass and woods. If you do come inside for the day, search for ticks in your physique and clothes and take away any that you simply discover instantly. The CDC additionally recommends throwing your garments into the dryer for 10 minutes to kill any hidden ticks.

For those who suspect that you’ve Lyme illness, it’s best to see your physician immediately. For the reason that illness will progress, you possibly can undergo from injury to the nervous system or the guts if not handled rapidly. Caught early, you’ll obtain antibiotics to fight the consequences of the illness and will have few repercussions.

The important thing to defending you and your loved ones from Zika and Lyme illness is prevention. Particularly in high-risk areas, it’s best to take correct precautions, resembling utilizing insect repellant and avoiding tall grass or standing water. Then, you may benefit from the outside sunshine with out a lot concern for these illnesses.

Dr. Manny Alvarez serves as Fox Information Channel’s senior managing well being editor. He additionally serves as chairman of the division of obstetrics/gynecology and reproductive science at Hackensack College Medical Heart in New Jersey. Click on right here for extra data on Dr. Manny’s work with Hackensack College Medical Heart. Go to for extra.