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Lice are tiny parasitic bugs that feed on blood and dwell in hair. However what are the signs to look out for to catch and deal with lice rapidly?

Head lice can infest the hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows, whereas pubic lice infest the pubic hair.

The concept of bugs crawling in your hair or your kid’s hair might be unnerving and upsetting. Opposite to folks knowledge, lice aren’t the results of poor hygiene, they usually do not carry ailments.

Nonetheless, they’ll trigger loads of discomfort and unfold simply to different kids. Catching lice early and treating them appropriately helps guarantee they don’t unfold. This text provides an summary of the signs so individuals can reply the query: is it lice?

What are lice?

Lice are concerning the measurement of a small seed and feed on human blood from the scalp.

The pinnacle louse, Pediculus humanus capitis, is a tiny insect that feeds on human blood and lives on the scalp and within the hair.

Lice are tiny, measuring solely about 2-Three millimeters, concerning the measurement of a small seed. Adults are oval-shaped and grayish-brown with no wings. From a distance, they appear like little greater than tiny specks. That may be why it’s so simple to overlook a lice infestation.

Grownup lice dwell about 30 days, and rapidly die in the event that they fall off the top. They’re prolific breeders, with females laying about six eggs per day.

Eggs are typically known as nits and are typically situated on the root of the hair, proper subsequent to the scalp. They’re tiny and look white or clear in color.

Eggs hatch into nymphs, smaller variations of grownup lice, which mature into adults about 2 weeks later.

Seeing both lice or eggs signifies a head lice infestation since eggs inevitably hatch into adults. The one approach to eliminate head lice is to kill each the residing bugs and the eggs they lay.


Many individuals with head lice don’t have any signs in any respect. It is unattainable to diagnose head lice primarily based on signs alone because the solely symptom that issues is the presence of lice.

Nonetheless, experiencing the next signs suggests it’s time to test the scalp:

  • frequent unexplained itching of the top or scalp
  • redness or irritation on the scalp or close to the hairline
  • tiny purple bumps or sores from scratching the scalp
  • problem sleeping or concentrating attributable to head itching

Dandruff, some scalp infections, and dry pores and skin could cause signs just like head lice. As a result of dandruff causes flaking, the flakes could also be mistaken for lice nits.

Checking for lice

A diligent seek for lice with a magnifying glass and good mild can assist discern the distinction between lice and different signs.

Folks ought to search for bugs transferring on the scalp, or for eggs connected to the hair shaft, an inch or so from the scalp.

It could be simpler to see lice and their eggs when the hair is moist. So, if lice usually are not seen beneath a light-weight, attempt washing the hair after which trying once more.

If no lice are seen, however the scalp is itchy, individuals ought to seek the advice of a physician. The physician could also be more proficient at detecting lice and may rule out different potential causes of signs.

What causes lice?

sisters playing in their room
Youngsters are extra susceptible to lice as a result of they arrive into shut contact with different kids by enjoying, hugging, and sharing hats and scarves.

Lice can solely be unfold by direct contact with somebody who has them. They don’t spontaneously seem, they usually don’t have anything to do with hygiene.

Lice can’t hop or fly, which suggests the contact must be shut. As a result of younger kids spend a lot time in shut quarters with different kids – and are sometimes desirous to share – they have a tendency to get lice greater than adults. Mother and father of younger kids are additionally susceptible.

Lice can unfold by:

  • hugging or nuzzling somebody
  • sleeping subsequent to somebody, with their head or hair in direct contact
  • sharing brushes or combs, particularly instantly after somebody with lice makes use of them
  • sharing hats or scarves, particularly if they’re handed backwards and forwards rapidly since lice die rapidly when not on a human head
  • sharing towels

Remedy for lice

Lice therapy is often fairly easy. An over-the-counter shampoo can kill the lice and their eggs. Folks ought to at all times observe the directions on the packaging.

Utilizing shampoo

Most often, the shampoo might want to keep on the scalp a day or two to work, so the hair shouldn’t be washed instantly after therapy. Most shampoos require a second therapy 7-9 days after the preliminary utility.

Folks ought to rigorously learn the directions to make sure they’ll perceive and observe them.

Checking the scalp

After ready a day or two, individuals ought to test the scalp. If many lice are nonetheless current and energetic, they may be proof against therapy.

Folks ought to observe the bundle directions for a second therapy, or contact a physician to get a advice for a second therapy.

Combing the hair

checking for lice with a comb and magnifying glass
You will need to take away all the eggs to forestall additional outbreaks.

Most often, lice remedies require a radical combing of the hair to take away eggs.

Even when profitable in killing all of the grownup lice, it’s essential to take away all of the eggs, as they are going to hatch into nymphs that change into adults.

Eradicating eggs could must be a day by day enterprise for a number of days following therapy.

Being cautious with delicate scalps

In individuals with allergy symptoms, a historical past of scalp infections, or an injured scalp, it will not be protected to make use of over-the-counter lice remedies. Speak to a doctor earlier than making an attempt a lice shampoo.

Treating difficult infestations

In some individuals, eliminating lice proves more difficult, which can be attributable to:

  • the extent of the infestation
  • re-infestation thanks to a faculty or office with a lice downside
  • lice which are proof against lice shampoo

When this occurs, a extra aggressive method could also be mandatory, together with:

  • frequent washing with a lice shampoo
  • elimination of nits
  • session with a physician

Some companies additionally focus on lice elimination.

Be aware that common shampoo, water, folks cures, and drugs, similar to antibiotics is not going to kill lice.

Although anti-itch remedies would possibly supply short-term aid from the itching lice trigger, they will not tackle the underlying lice infestation.

Prevention of lice

Mother and father typically battle to get younger kids to observe even fundamental hygiene, similar to washing palms. So asking them to attenuate the chance of spreading lice is a frightening enterprise.

Some methods that assist to cut back the chance embody:

  • not sharing headgear, brushes, or combs, or washing this stuff earlier than donating or sharing
  • guaranteeing every member of the family has a private pillow or pillowcase
  • cleansing or disposing of things that an individual with lice has used
  • urging kids to respect the non-public area of their associates by not rubbing heads or sleeping in shut quarters
  • holding kids with lice residence till the infestation has been cleared

Households wherein one member has lice are susceptible to additional infestation. Folks ought to test all relations for signs of lice, and deal with as wanted.

Another methods to forestall lice from spreading amongst relations embody:

  • changing all combs and brushes
  • washing all garments, hats, and scarves earlier than sporting them once more
  • changing pillows and pillowcases utilized by the particular person with lice


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