Is Cheese The New Superfood? These Worms Suppose So

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Is cheese truly a superfood? We would not be mad if that turned out to be true. After studying headlines touting some swiss as the brand new superfood, we grabbed a wheel of brie whereas digging into the research from which the information got here. Apparently worms are down for an excellent charcuterie — who knew!?

Let’s check out simply the title of the research, which was performed in Korea and printed in 2016: “Dairy Propionibacterium [read: a “good” bacteria found in this cheese] extends the imply lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans [an icky-looking worm, known as the roundworm] through activation of the innate immune system” — aka worms ate cheese and lived longer as a result of the probiotics boosted their immune programs.

Cheese is fermented, and there are inherently probiotics (“good” micro organism) in fermented meals. This wholesome micro organism impacts your personal microbiome, or your private mixture of micro organism in your intestine, which then impacts all the things out of your temper to your pores and skin to your immune system. So it is essential to nourish your intestine with wholesome micro organism, however the way in which to take action as people (learn: not worms) remains to be TBD.

Will cheese add years to your life? Unclear. It is essential to take into account that this research with cheese was performed on worms (ones which don’t have any circulatory or respiratory programs), that are extraordinarily totally different biologically from people (as you maybe gathered by yourself). The research, although, shared that the roundworm is an honest check topic attributable to “two-thirds of the genes associated to human ailments [being] conserved within the [worm]” and that this specific species is “steadily utilized in research on longevity, immunity, neurodegenerative ailments, fats storage, DNA harm responses and apoptosis.”

So who’s to say if the way in which we course of and digest cheese will yield comparable life-giving outcomes prefer it did to these worms? That mentioned, in the event you take pleasure in cheese and haven’t got an allergic response to dairy, cheese definitely boasts some well being advantages (there have been research about dairy’s well being advantages) — plus it tastes good, so there’s at all times that. To the burrata!

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