How Do Palm Timber Face Up To Hurricanes?

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Palm bushes sway within the sturdy wind at Santa Lucia Seaside, in Cuba, on Sept. 9, 2017, throughout Hurricane Irma.

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Timber typically snap, or a minimum of lose a couple of branches, when confronted with hurricane-strength winds. Not palm bushes. These staples of the tropics sometimes bend throughout gusty climate.

How does the mighty palm normally keep standing, swaying — generally violently — in storms?

For starters, not like conventional bushes, palm bushes should not fabricated from wooden. “As a substitute, you will discover a jumble of spongy tissue, scattered as an alternative of organized” inside a palm, geochemist Hope Jahren wrote in her autobiography “Lab Lady” (Classic, 2016). [Are Trees Vegetarian?]

Most bushes lay down rings as they develop yearly. However not the palm tree; a few of its cells are malleable, and others can simply flex after which return to their authentic place.

A palm tree cross section

A palm tree cross part

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“[Its] lack of typical construction is what provides the palm its flexibility and makes it supremely tailored … to the mild island breezes that periodically coalesce into ruthless hurricanes,” Jahren wrote in her guide.

This association has helped the palm tree flourish in heat and windy tropical areas the world over. There are 188 recognized genuses of palm, and a pair of,585 species, mentioned Judy Jernstedt, a professor of plant sciences on the College of California, Davis.

“I believe that means that it is a profitable development type, and so they’ve been profitable within the environmental niches that they’ve occupied,” Jernstedt mentioned.

Nonetheless, not all palms are alike. A palm planted in a brand new space may not fare in addition to a palm in its native house, Jernstedt mentioned. Furthermore, if the bottom is moist — from a hurricane surge, as an example — that would weaken the bottom the place the palm’s roots lengthen and make it simpler for highly effective winds to uproot the tree, she mentioned.

Whereas the palm tree is technically a tree, palms are literally extra carefully associated to grass, corn and rice than they’re to different bushes, Jernstedt mentioned. They’re additionally fairly outdated. Palms belong to the Arecaceae household, a gaggle that emerged about 100 million years in the past, through the Cretaceous interval, when nonavian dinosaurs nonetheless roamed the Earth, in line with the Angiosperm Phylogeny web site, run by Peter Stevens, a professor of biology on the College of Missouri-St. Louis.

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