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Are mince pies too boozy for kids?

A 21-year-old girl was refused a mince pie in Asda as she didn’t have her ID – so how boozy are these festive pastries and are they appropriate for kids?

The mince pie mix-up in Telford was right down to a member of employees “making an attempt to do the proper factor” says Asda, the place solely meals containing “liquid” Christmas spirit are age-restricted.

However this week a involved father or mother began a thread on Mumsnet entitled “feeding kids mince pies with brandy in”, asking: “Have I been getting my youngsters drunk on brandy?”

The consensus was “no”, and as one member put it: “It is superb. It isn’t as should you handed them each a bottle of brandy and instructed them to crack on.”

So how a lot alcohol is in a mince pie?

Chef Marcus Bean says he could be “shocked” if any shop-bought varieties contained a lot alcohol.

“I would not fear about my kids consuming mince pies,” he says. “All of us love them and wish to make our personal.

“I take advantage of alcohol in cooking for my household because it provides an total sturdy flavour.

Picture caption Marcus Bean says he doesn’t fear about his kids consuming mince pies

“I have never examined them however I would say by the point I’ve cooked a recipe the quantity of alcohol may have lowered, leaving little or no left.

“If anybody is absolutely fearful, they need to simply make their very own mincemeat – it is fairly straightforward to do.

“When shopping for if doubtful, examine the substances and it’ll say if it comprises any alcohol – some do not.”

Ought to dad and mom be fearful?

Mom-of-two Laura Butler, 31, from Shropshire, says she would not lose any sleep over her kids consuming a mince pie.

Picture caption Laura Butler and daughter Marley bake their very own mince pies

“I’m very aware of what I feed my kids, conserving sweets and snacks to a minimal,” she says.

“We do lots of baking and cooking collectively and once we make mince pies at Christmas we depart the alcohol out.

“But when Marley eats a shop-bought one I am not fearful. The quantity of alcohol in them will probably be minute.

“I am unable to say I’ve ever felt tipsy after one too many mince pies.”

Picture caption Marley makes her personal booze-free mince pies

What number of mince pies equate to a glass of wine?

Effectively that is determined by how boozy the recipe is and the dimensions of the pie, however the place is the hurt in a number of sums?

BBC Good Meals’s recipe for “boozy mincemeat” makes three.5kg or 7lb of the festive filling.

If we copy the ratios of Sainsbury’s deep-filled mince pies, every one weighs 60g and the filling accounts for 47%.

So meaning we may have 28.2g of our boozy mincemeat in every pie.

Our three.5kg of mincemeat would make about 124 pies – it is a full home this 12 months.

Picture caption The vast majority of alcohol in mince pies is misplaced throughout cooking, based on chef Marcus Bean

The recipe asks for 125ml of darkish rum and 175ml of French brandy.

Divided by the 124 pies that is roughly 1ml of rum and 1.4ml of brandy. So altogether, 2.4ml of spirits.

There’s one unit of alcohol in a normal 25ml measure of every of these spirits

So in concept, you’d should eat greater than 10 mince pies to soak up the equal of a single unit of alcohol – however, as Mr Bean says, a lot of the alcohol content material may have been misplaced throughout cooking so that you’re extra prone to get full earlier than you get tipsy.

Are mince pies protected for recovering alcoholics?

Some meals banks ask folks to not donate meals that comprises alcohol, like mince pies and Christmas puddings,

Sam Little at Silklife Foodbank in Macclesfield says it’s because the style of alcohol can act as a set off for individuals who have skilled alcohol issues.

“The aim of our meals financial institution is to supply folks with emergency meals reduction,” he says.

“Our meals parcels include all kinds of things, however we do not give out something containing alcohol.

“That is out of respect to these individuals who could have some type of battle with alcohol habit – we wish to assist folks, not make life tougher for them.”

This story has been amended to make clear that 10 mince pies are unlikely to really include one unit of alcohol.

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